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{project} Computer Practice

This is the TI Computer Pracice wiki home page

Practical aspects

  • the projects are made by teams of 2 students
  • working hours from 9am to 6pm
  • no pre-requisite in astrophysics, cosmology or data processing
  • computer language is your choice (python or IDL prefered...)

Contacts :

Computer accounts

You can log into your desktop computers inf-tx?

Your $login are the first letter of your first name, followed by the first 6 letters of your name. Password is m2r_$login. to be changed immediately on

You can work either on :

  • your desktop computer inf-tx? (4 Intel i5 cores, 4GB of RAM)
  • the shared computers :
    • edu-calcul1 (16 Intel Xeon E5630 cores 32GB, of RAM)
    • and/or edu-calcul2 (12 AMD Opteron 2427 cores, 32GB of RAM)

The computer accounts and /home/$login are shared among those computers.

From outside IAS, you need to ssh-log into first before going to those computers.


  • an informal mid-term review : progress, problems & prospects
  • a short (10 pages max!) report is requested at completion of the project
  • a small formal presentation, opened to the lab. (March 8th morning)

Evaluation will be made using these criteria :

  • Ongoing assessment :
implication understanding & bibliography initiative work
  • Final presentation
content form questions context
  • Final report